Our Story

As a young boy my grandfather always had a few pieces of Biltong or Dry Wors (Droëwors) drying in his shed. He took great pride in sharing all of his secrets and techniques with me, and he was all too happy to slice me a piece wet and fatty biltong straight from the drier.

He always said “don’t let anybody know okay my boy“. I remember those days like it was yesterday.  Unfortunately my Grandfather has since passed and as a result, I’ve decided to help his secret recipe live on…!

I have been making biltong and dry wors for over twenty years as a hobby and have always loved it.  Because of this, I decided a few years ago that it was time to make my passion, my business. As a result, with a couple of tweaks here and there, I have successfully produced and perfected an extremely tasty, traditional and authentic flavoured biltong and dry wors.

I am proud to say that we produce only the finest biltong that is GLUTEN FREE and we only use 100% GRASS FED, FREE RANGE, AUSTRALIAN BEEF!

This is Biltong like you’ve never tasted before!  This is Beef Jerky’s Big Brother!!  I know that you will love it and trust that you’ll be back for more!