What meat do you use?

All our beef biltong is made from top quality, free range grass fed beef. Here at Tastes we only use fresh silverside to insure a top quality finished product.


Do you add preservatives when making biltong?

At Tastes from Africa, we pride ourselves on not adding any 'Nasties'. Our biltong does not contain any chemical preservatives, additives, sugars, colourants or anything fake or artificial at all, and it is also gluten free. You will never find us using prepackaged, mass produced spices, instead we blend, mix, crush and refine all our own spices on our premises. This is why our biltong stands out above the rest, it tastes better and is a much healthier option than other brands.


What type of flavour enhancers are added to your biltong?

None at all. No MSG's will be found in our biltong either - ever.


Do you do venison?

On request, absolutely! Deer and Kangaroo are Australia's most common types of Venison and we do seem to be processing quite a bit lately - when we can source it from an accredited supplier which can be quite tricky and often very expensive.


My baby is teething, can you help?

Stokkies is what your little one needs. Teething on our beef stokkies is second nature to most of us who grew up in South Africa. It provides your little one with pure protein, iron and zinc which are often the few things that little ones lack in their diet.


How long does your biltong last?

We give our biltong a 7 month 'Consume before date'. As we do not add any chemical preservatives we find that this tested date is optimum for our product.


What is your best seller?

Very hard to say. Our Mild flavour is extremely popular but it really depends on you. The Original is my oldest recipe going back 32 years and is a great all day "go to" flavour. The Chilli flavour is also fantastic, with a personal chilli score of about 5 out of 10, beautiful flavours and taste without it trying to set you on fire. Probably best that you be the judge.


We heard you have won a few awards, what are they?

We had never entered our biltong into any competitions before 2019. However when we entered the AMIC regional small goods competion last year, we were delighted with the results! We placed Gold for our Mild flavour, Silver for our Original and Bronze for our Chilli flavour biltong, yeeeehaaaaa...... WINNING!!!


How do I store my biltong?

Once opened, simply place the opened bag in the fridge. Never leave it in a hot or humid area.


What is Local pick up?

If you are a local within the 4802 are code, Airlie Beach and surrounds, Bowen or Mackay, you can simply select "local pick up" at checkout to avoid paying shipping fees. You can then stop by our premises to come and grab your order.


Do you make boerewors?

We sure do, tonnes of it and it's amazing and loved by all who buy it. If you would like us to send you some we would have to get a shipping quote. Orders are based on a minimum order quantity of 20 kilo's to make the refrigerated freight worth while. Alternatively, if you live within the 4802 area code, Airlie Beach and surrounds, Bowen or Mackay, you are welcome to place a phone order and collect from our premises.